Are Adipower Weightlifting Shoes Worth Your Money? Pros and Cons

Adipower weightlifting shoes offer a great stability and firm base, that is needed for circuit training. Adipower is specially designed to support heavy weight training programs. The instep strap provides secure and tight foothold with chassis that is complemented by leather work on the upper layer.

adidas adipower shoes

Specially crafted for lifting workouts, Adipower shoes has some unique features to consider before purchasing it from your nearby market:-

  • Adjustable instep strap for a strong foothold
  • Convenient textile lining.
  • Heel overlay for a fabulous lightweight stability.
  • Outsole rubber-Anti-slip
  • Imported
  • Heel height: 33.4mm
  • Heel lift: 20.1mm
  • Leather coated upper portion for support and comfort

People enquire about the pros and cons of Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes, therefore today we’ll be discussing its unknown facts, advantages and disadvantages as well as if the shoe is actually worth your money.


  • Great flat heels

Squats are difficult to do without lifting your heels. As you lift your heels, it disturbs your posture. Thus, Adipower shoes have flat comfortable heels which will help you to keep your heels flat on the floor while performing squats.

  • Allows you to give maximum force

This shoe allows you to exert maximum force within your squats. Thus helping you to get your squats a lot higher than before. While the heels are stable and on the floor, you can put force to in sync your back and the squats. This feature is the most valuable one and very important too. This Feature of Adidas Adipower Made posssible for it to get listed in the weightlifting shoes definitive buying guide by .

  • They are heavy duty

They are definitely heavy duty. If you notice the material of the shoe, you’ll see that the material used is expensive and comfortable. They are not cheap made shoes, they have loads of premium features like, high heels, high rate of stability, and tight from inside which will not let you slide inside the shoe.

  • Breathable shoe material

Mostly shoes provide you cozy and trapped feeling, there is no space to breathe for your foot. However, Adipower weightlifting shoes give you a pleasant experience.

  • It’s versatile in nature

adidas adipower

So people have a misconception regarding its versatility. You can use the shoe for weightlifting exercises as well as run and perform other fitness workouts. The shoes are unbelievably amazing.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Adipower weightlifting shoes are aesthetically pleasing. Girls can definitely wear them on a date or go for a party. The shoes look is beautiful and quite expensive.


  • They are not cheap – $200

Definitely, the shoes are not at all cheap. As you can see the premium material used in the making is quite expensive, therefore it’s going to be extremely expensive. The maximum price of the shoe is $200.

  • You might not use it too often

When you have spent so much of money on your Adidas Adipower shoes, it’s obvious that you want to wear it every time you go out. However, due to the colour and the amount is given people restrict themselves from using it regularly. Therefore, it’s surely not worth your money.


In the end, we can say that Adidas adipower weightlifting shoe is definitely one of the best shoes for a fitness workout. Due to amazing features and productivity, we can ignore the amount spent on the shoes. All said and done, the shoes are impeccable and unbeatable!

SG2015: The Power of Savings Groups

Review the full SG2015 agenda now! | Passez en revue l’agenda de SG2015 complète!

Savings Group provides financial services along with social support, and gives an opportunity to know about and try out new ideas to impoverished people across the world. It is based on the idea on commitment savings, a revolution that has changed fortunes.

Savings Group are not just scalable and sustainable, but also highly efficient. They pave way for further development, be it food security, economic clout of women, health and more. It explains why nearly 10 million people, most of them youngsters and women, have pledged their participation.

With growth in popularity, more and more practitioners are coming in, which include private entities, health sector players, mobile service providers, private banks and others. SG2015 is going to be including all of these and more and hopefully will give rise to coordinated development activities.

After coming together in Lusaka, Zambia in 2015, Washington DC in 2013 and in Arusha, Tanzania in 2011, the Savings Group community is coming back together in 2017.

SG2015’s objectives include:

  • Considering technology based innovations to better the operations at Savings Group.
  • Advocating employment of Savings Groups to engage and advocate partnership between the fast expanding and varied SG community.
  • Sharing ideas and plans of action that help raise scale and keep program quality high.
  • Informing attendees of ways SG can be used with formal economical organisations.
  • Creating a plan for research that increases evidence resources on SG based plans and strategies.

We hope you can join us.


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